Wood is one of the most used material for commercial planters. Its natural and distinguished look is very ideal for some interior or exterior designs such as tropical, tiki, and forest themes. Wooden planters haves several kinds of wood materials ranging from basic plywood to the exquisite types such as teak. Each kind of wood may have their own characteristics that you need to consider. Generally, wooden planters hold some features:

1. Large planters made of wood are perfect for trees and shrubs outside your house or commercial spaces. They are lighter in weight compared to other materials used for large commercial large rectangular pots such as concrete and stone.

2. The natural components of wood are healthy for the soil. Unlike some modern planters made of concrete or other materials that contain chemicals that may affect the soil and change its balance.

3. Wooden planters can be combined perfectly with other outdoor space components such as seating and trellises.

Wooden planters may need extra care compared to other types of commercial planters. The material has some considerations to look at.

1. Wooden planters need to be painted to avoid rotting except for Redwood and Cedar planters that are rot-resistant.

2. Wood is often infested with carpenter ants, sow bugs, and other pests.

3. Softwood needs constant maintenance to prevent it from rotting.

Due to the weaknesses of wood, it may not be very ideal to regions that are infested with pests. It should also not be exposed in too much sunlight or rain. An alternative to this is to use other materials that can simulate the look of wood. The world renowned Hotel Del Coronado uses Premium Cellular PVC for their wooden hotel planters to match their theme. Their hotel planters look very much like wood that guests couldn’t even tell that they are made of Premium Cellular PVC.

Wooden planters can also be made at home. Tutorials can be found all over the internet on how to do it yourself easily. You can also put more style by making a multi-purpose bench planter.

Wooden planters are great accessories for your plants and outdoor or indoor spaces. Their natural and unique look can definitely add a native and classy touch to your interior or exterior design.