A gun, when purchased is obviously considered to be a long term investment. Its protection and maintenance becomes an essential step in owning it. It is mandatory to keep your pistol or a musket in an appropriate case that would not just protect your weapon against external hazards but also keeps it away from the reach of others.

Almost everyone who owns this delicate weapon knows the effort spent in maintaining it (from cleaning to oiling the gun). It takes a great deal in storing it as well. The first step after purchasing a rifle or a pistol is choosing its case that would safeguard your weapon. An ideal gun case would be one that would protect your gun against all the physical hazards like rains, humidity, dry weather etc. To be honest, there is no ideal gun case; it all depends on what type of gun you have and what you plan to do with it. You can also purchase a gun case on the basis of budget you have.

There is a large variety of gun cases available in the market. From cheap cloth or plastic cases to expensive custom made – you have a wide set of options in front of you. Just like the gun, purchasing a gun case is also a best-investment-case, so it should be made wisely after considering all the factors relating to it.

There are different types of gun cases that are made from different resources. Some weak, some strong, some that can tolerate almost any kind of adverse weather. Hence one must make his choice based on his lifestyle and purpose of gun. Mainly there are 4 best types of cases available in market. They are:

1. Cloth/Plastic Case – These may not be strong but are best suitable for guns that are kept at rest for most of their lifetime. They are also available at highly affordable prices.

2. Wooden Case – Wooden cases are strong and not easily perishable. They are a good investment for firearms that are expensive as it proves to be a good shield for them. However, they cannot tolerate extensive humid or wet weather conditions. Wooden cases are also available with leather covers.

3. Metal Case – These are ideal for those who travel a lot with their weapons and need to protect them against almost all kinds of dangers. They also have higher security quotient as they come with lock combinations instead of zippers. Metal cases have also proven to be stronger cases. Aluminum cases are high in demand for its sustainability and low weight.

4. Custom Made Case – Many companies like Whitten Gun Custom Cases make gun cases as per the customer’s specifications. You can have a case made exclusively according to your gun’s style.
Apart from that some more cases are also available that not only fit a gun but also have space for accessories like triggers and bullets. Therefore by transforming it into a utility set, it becomes not just convenient but also secures the items at the same time.