You can find some of the best brown contacts on the various eye-wear websites online. Brown Colored Contacts are among the best selling contact lenses. These lenses give you a dusky brown eye color and cover up most of your natural eye color.

Many colored lenses like brown contact lenses, hazel colored lenses, violet colored ones, green contact lenses, are available in the market nowadays. Contacts popularly referred to as just ‘contacts’, serve as vision correction devices and are an alternative to eyeglasses. Many different types of contacts are available in the market. Colored lenses are worn mainly as a cosmetic enhancement for the eyes. You can find some of the best colored contacts on the various eye-wear websites online.

Colored contact lenses come in three kinds – visibility tints, enhancement lenses and opaque color tints. Visibility lenses usually have a light blue or a light green tint added to them. These are extremely light tinted and do not affect your eye color. The best colored contacts come in the form of enhancement lenses. These have translucent tints that are usually a shade or two darker than your normal eye color. Opaque color lenses completely change your eye color.

The best colored contacts come in various types. Most people prefer to wear disposable lenses that can be used for a single day. They can be worn for a maximum of 8 hours at a stretch. After that, the eye starts to get irritable and itchy. The latest type of contact lens is made up of rigid material that allows oxygen to pass to the cornea. Still other contacts can be worn for nearly a month. Using colored lenses will give you a brand new look. Colored contact lens makers create lenses that look as real as possible. Many people use colored contacts as both vision corrective devices and for cosmetic purposes.

The well-known manufacturers of some of the best contacts make brown contact lenses because of the demand for this colored lens in the market. Brown lenses come in two main shades – light brown and dark brown. The manufacturers put into the market a range of contact lenses of shades that range between light brown to dark brown, which will suit a number of different complexions and looks.

Among the well-known personalities who sport either naturally brown eyes or brown contact lenses are the American rapper-actor 50 Cent and well-known actor Adam Sandler, who both have dark brown eyes. Among celebrities who sported light brown eyes are the late Alfred Hitchcock and children entertainment actor Alyson Stoner.