These days as markets grow and consumer demands increase, there seems to be an eternal need to add more employees. This is especially true when the department that needs help is customer service. However, before any businessman should consider hiring another person to answer and route phone calls to the different local extensions, other options must first be explored. Other practical and cost-efficient ways of resolving the problem must be looked into and one of these is getting an 800 number.

With this type of number, an auto-attendant merely answers phone calls and routes them to the different people in the different departments of the company. There remains an option for callers to speak to a live person, of course, but for customers who are calling to learn about products or services, this auto-attendant should be enough to give the right amount of information as needed.

The most obvious benefit a business can get out of this type of Local numbers is higher productivity from those who need not spend the whole day answering people’s queries over and over. For this reason, toll free phone numbers and PBX systems are definitely a must-have. Aside from giving businesses the opportunity to increase work output from their employees, this also allows callers to feel in control as they choose for themselves what information they need to learn about. They can merely choose from a menu of recorded instructions and discussions on certain products and services. With this kind of system in place, the time it takes for an inquiry to be satisfied is shorter. Thus, more inquiries are answered and more positive actions will spring from such inquiries over a period of time that is less that what it would take to have a live phone attendant.

For home based businesses, these 1-800 numbers also allow customers to continue to communicate with the businessman even if he’s not around to personally take their calls. Time zone differences are usually the problem for home based businesses that have an offshore market. With a PBX system, customers may obtain the information they need even if there’s no live person attending to them. Besides, an offshore market will be significantly encouraged to reach out to this businessman whom they can call at no expense.