How important is the college interview in the college admissions process?

The college interview can sometimes be the make it or break it opportunity for you as far as you getting in to the college of your choice. This is your opportunity to put a face to your college application and give your application a personality. Your greatest chance to make your College Selection Process come alive. In conquering college admissions, interviews are a great opportunity for you to learn about the institution that is interviewing you. It is a double edge sword because of the mutual benefit of the interview to you and the institution.

Questions that the admissions counselors may ask you and the purpose of these interview questions: Conquering the college admissions interview

In conquering the college admissions interview process, you need to prepare yourself prior to meeting with the admissions counselor in order to make your best impression. You always need to familiarize yourself with the institution that you are going in for an interview because it will show your depth of interest. As I have mentioned above, the purpose of an interview is for you to become familiar with the institution and for the institution to become familiar with you. As far as the questions that you may be asked, this can vary and it can be a short interview or a long interview depending on the institution.

The following are some questions that you may be asked:
– Make sure that you read about the institution and know some basic information in case you are asked (your knowledge of the institution shows how much you are interested in them).
– What major are you interested in? Tell me about yourself and highlight your interest, your strength and your weakness!
– Be prepared to answer any questions about the courses and grades on your transcript (you should always bring a copy of your transcript, your test sheet and your resume to the interview).
– You will most likely be asked about your interests in school and your interests outside of school (this is your chance to expand on items mentioned on your resume).
– One of admissions favorite questions will be what is the last book that you read?
– Remain calm and answer every question to the best of your ability to create the best impression of you as a student and as a person.

Questions that you should ask the admissions counselor that could help you decide whether you want to attend a particular institution: Conquering the college admissions interview

From your research of the institution, you should have a list of questions that you want clarified.
– What type of supports do you have in place to help the incoming freshman succeed academically and acclimate to your campus?
– Does your institution provide and guarantee housing for all 4 years?
– Can you give me an idea of student activities on campus (student life)?
– Can freshman have car on campus?
– What is your average class size and what are your largest class and your smallest class?
– Do graduate assistants teach any of your classes?
– Brainstorm and put together as many questions as you want to ask at the interview and campus tour.