VR glasses are a new technology. With the expansion of the global market, sales of VR glasses are increasing.

The design of the custom vr viewers case should reflect the sense of technology, so white is usually the first choice. Coupled with the display of some product pictures and simple text descriptions, this is the packaging design of most VR glasses cases on the market.

If your product is in a retail format, then a box type with a handle is recommended. If the product is in the form of wholesale, it is recommended to use a gift box made of cardboard, which can enhance the sense of quality of the product.

Below are some custom AR/VR goggles packaging boxes, you can check each and get an idea of how to design your boxes. If any questions, feel free to send us an email!

360 Degree VR Googles Packaging Box Customizable

Full-color corrugated paper VR glasses packaging box. This packaging uses three-layer offset printing corrugated material. The top paper is 250 grams of gray-bottom whiteboard, the middle is E-shaped corrugated paper, and the inner paper is 140 grams of white Kraft paper.

Matte oil, giving people a pleasant feeling. The box type is tuck end box style, simple to form, foldable and flat, saves warehouse capacity when stacked, is easy to handle, and environmentally friendly materials are easy to handle or recycle after use.

The use and circulation cost is low, the weight is light, and it is convenient for loading and unloading, which can avoid or reduce being thrown during the loading and unloading process, thereby reducing the damage rate.