Machine Function

Preformed pouches are empty bags made of paper or plastic. Only one opening remains to allow for the filling because the edges are sealed. A detergent filling machine is made of components and devices that operate according to a predetermined order. The manufactured bag is picked up and passed forward in the process for filling and other operations.

Major Components

The basic components of the detergent powder filling machine for pouches are:

  • The code printer: Ensures the authenticity of your products.
  • PLC control systems: They are commercial computer systems used to manage various electro-mechanical operations in factories, plants, and other automated settings.
  • Bag opening device: This opens the premade pouches in order to fill them with the required powdered product.
  • Vibration device: In order to transport objects or bulk materials, vibrating conveyors use troughs or tubes that are flexibly supported and vibrated by mechanical or electrical methods. The vibration occurs in an inclined, elliptical pattern to move the material in both a directed and upward direction.
  • Electromagnetic valve: Uses electrical energy to create a mechanical pull or push. This consists of a ferromagnetic plunger or plug and a coil of wire tightly wound around an iron core.
  • Vacuum pump: In order to generate an area free of air and/or gas, vacuum pumps mechanically remove air and gas molecules from a sealed space. Their main functions are to clean and seal.
  • A weigher: The function of a weigher is to make sure that the appropriate amount of product is delivered for packaging in the premade pouch.

Working Principle

A premade pouch packaging machine operates in a series of processes that are guided by its Programmable Logic Controller. The pouches are gathered by an automated robotic arm from a conveyor belt beneath it. Then the packaging machine system is loaded with the pouch. The bags are transported to the filling stage by the packaging machine’s revolving center.

The premade pouches’ mouth is opened by a little lever. The open bag is moved and placed beneath the filling machine’s hopper. A weigher has by then already dispensed a precise amount of product into the filling machine’s hopper at this point. The hopper pours the product into the prepared pouch when the pouch is set below it.

The Levapack premade pouch packaging machine for powdered products can fill 20-60 bags per minute and is suitable for large industries requiring rapid results. Levapack products are also energy efficient and thus stand out in the market.