Eating for Energy by Yuri Elkaim is a guide to getting healthier and losing weight by eating raw foods. You can be sure that by cooking our foods we are losing a large portion of their nutritional value. Eating for Energy is a Raw Food Diet plan for both weight loss and health maintenance. By eating foods that have not been processed you will get more nutrition from your food and find that you will lead a healthier and more comfortable life.

Eating unprocessed foods and starting a healthy exercise routine will form the basis of your weight loss program. The plan will help you change over to a raw foods based diet and give you loads of help planning meals using this new approach.

Yuri is a specialist in holistic nutrition and has years of experience in helping people lose weight and eat right. You’ll be amazed at the delicious recipes that are included in the weight loss plan. Eating a natural and predominantly unprocessed foods diet will have you looking better than you have in years and you’ll have more Reliant Energy plans than you did as a teenager.

When Yuri switched over to eating unprocessed foods in 2007 he saw his complexion improve, he became more mentally alert and had more energy. Now he feels better than ever and his overall health is much improved. The main reason he made the change in 2007 was that his immune system was out of whack and because of Alopecia he had lost most of his hair. Now the condition is gone and he has his hair back and his energy level has skyrocketed.

When you decide to get started on the Eating For Energy plan you are going to get a book with 120 recipes that taste great, are healthy for you and will each take you less than 10 minutes to prepare. This is one plan that will be easy to work with and save you time as well.

This plan will help you to lose weight without slowing your metabolism and it won’t lower your energy level. It’s all about high quality nutrition from foods that have not been destroyed by cooking and processing. You don’t have to completely eliminate the animal portion of your diet but you are going to learn that nearly everything you need can be furnished by plant foods and although it doesn’t hurt to retain some of the old habits and cravings for meat in your menu you will learn to move away from those foods as you try the new meals that are planned for you.