Classic pottery would start off with a thought that it uses earthenware clay. In order to transform the clay materials, they need to undergo the glaring and firing processes which can also help you make ceramics, artwork, stoneware, and the little clay beads for fashion accessories and jewelery.

Along with the tutorial on how to make Stainless Steel jewellery findings nz polymer clay beads, you should enjoy the whole process and learn to do this on your own. Since polymer is available in different colours, you can choose those which can match the colours of what you will wear too. As beads are easy things to handle and make aside from the fact that they are small, they would fit as anybody’s introduction to the world of craftsmanship when creating your own jewellery.

There are two ways by which you can make your beads – by hands or by rolling machines. Beginners would usually choose to do them by hands first and eventually resort to the rolling machine later on to make the production of the beads fast.

You can also play with the colours of the polymers. You can mix them or have them plain. In order to give them unique textures, the beads should go from one process to another. Texturing will naturally change the surface of the beads. There are even intentional texturing steps to alter them as you want. You can poke them with needles. You can add metallic effects to them. There are even those who would dye or paint the artwork first.