If you own a retail store during this time of year, then you know it is the busiest you will ever be. But in an economy where every business is fighting hard to stay profitable, it is very important that you stay vigilant with sourcing your products. Everyone is trying to increase their profit margins, especially during the holidays, and so that means it can be a little more difficult to find wholesalers willing to give you the deals that you need (on the product that you need) to stay ahead of the overhead. If you’re having a difficult time accessing cheap, quality products for your customers, then you may wish to consider the following options:

1) Online auction sites

While this can be a more challenging experience, it can also be your most profitable iap college coupon code. You will, of course, want to purchase only from sellers, who are on the up-and-up, and to do that, you’ll need a broker that has high standards and holds their auctioneers to same. eBay is the most famous of the online auction sites, and there is a spike in clothing wholesale lots for name brands around this time of year, but keep in mind you are competing with other individuals, and that can often times draw the price up where it kills your profit margin. You don’t want to base your whole business on this model, but you may wish to consider it for a few extra dollars.

2) Wholesale clothing distributors

A far better bet for finding wholesale deals on clothing for the holidays are specialty wholesale providers. But be careful. Not all of these guys are created equally. Some will disguise the fact that they do not have top quality product by sprinkling in a few name brand items to spice up their sales pitch. Then, when you get the final order, you discover that the vast majority of items are unsalable. Your best bet is to work with a vendor, who has many years in the business and can point you toward wholesale lots that contain the materials that you are looking for. You may end up paying a little more than what other wholesalers are charging, but you are ensuring the quality of your product and guaranteeing yourself a better chance at making the sale.

3) Wholesalers and drop shippers

Drop shipping is available from many wholesalers these days, so you don’t have to store the product until you actually need it. This will allow you to keep your store adequately stocked and even sell online from an off site location. As you prepare to make your profits this Christmas season, you may wish to consider all three, but one really good partner is all you need.