The origin of the geranium plant or the Pelrgonium adoranitissimum (in Latin) can be traced to Africa. It reached Europe and other territories only around he 17th century. It is interesting to note that the only species from where you could extract geranium essential oil is the Geranium Robert or as it popularly known as “lemon plant”.

The Uses of the Geranium Essential Oil

The Geranium oil is extracted through the distillation process using the whole plant, i.e. flowers, leaves and stalks. Once you have the oil you would be able to benefit from it in many ways. Some of the ailments that could be remedied with this particular oil are anxiety, depression and tension. However, do not use the geranium essential oil before bed as it acts as stimulant and it would not allow you to sleep. For a deep and restful sleep, just put two drops on your pillow at least three hours before bed time.

The germanium oil is believed to combat even cancer as well as mend broken bones. The most popular application is that as a sedative whereby it calms the nerves and elevates mood. It is also an excellent pain killer which could be used to ease away pain when the person is suffering from a disease beyond earthly help.

The geranium essential oil is also used as a mouth wash in order to promote healing of sore throat and halitosis. Since the extract of this plant is a little bitter, not many people prefer to use it in this way, though it is highly effective.

This oil is extremely effective in treating skin diseases especially those who are plagued by eczema both for dry and oily skin. In this case the anti septic and anti inflammatory properties come in good stead as it fights any possible infection and the swelling that such infection causes. Not to be taken lightly, this oil has been found to fight some of the most serious skin problems ever with excellent results.

How Do You Use the Geranium Essential Oil?

Though you could use most of the essential oils directly on the area affected by the problem, you should be careful as not all oils would give the best results while used on directly. As a matter of fact, never use the geranium oil on its own as if you do it would create more trouble than help. The geranium oil needs to be mixed with other oils, gels or lotions before you could use it, so ensure that you do the needful before you apply it to any part of your body.