Anyone who wants to start online investing with their hard earned money should look for a combination of security and good returns. Whilst the risks are somewhat higher than standard bank deposits the potential rewards reflect this fact. Learn how to prosper and avoid the pitfalls by following these 7 easy tips:

1. Think about tax liability right at the beginning

A key consideration with any online  Investment diversity is the level of tax you will be liable for. If you are starting out with a relatively small bank and one or two investments you may take the decision to declare your earnings as personal and pay the necessary tax. If you have a significant sum available or you want to make plans for the future you should seek advice from a tax professional before making an investment.

2. Find someone you trust

Don’t believe all you read without checking yourself. Find people you can trust and ask them their opinion before getting involved. There are many seasoned online investors who would be happy to help those who are just starting out. Take time to seek these people out, test what they say and if you are happy use them as a sounding board for any investment you want to make.

3. Have a separate bank

You will need to have the correct mindset when investing online. This equates to treating any money you invest as a business transaction. It is important to monitor the progress of your investments both for maximising your returns and identifying early warning signs if problems seem likely.

4. Sign up with payment processors

Each online programme has a range of payment processors that they can use to accept deposits and pay withdrawals to. There are several companies that have been in existence for prolonged periods and who offer a reliable and trustworthy service. You should open an account with each of the major payment processors to ensure that you maintain flexibility. You will only need to fund them when making deposits or withdrawals from your online investment programmes.