Part of the reason for the stigma or negativity associated with wearing a hair piece is due to a historically poor manufacturing process which produced fake-looking, ostentatious men’s hairpieces or ladies wigs. Acrylic fibres used in some older wigs and hair pieces were just so unsophisticated and often untreated. The wig bases themselves were thick, made from unbreathable fabric and inflexible. This ultimately meant the wig or hair piece simply failed to blend in with the overall look an individual might have been hoping to achieve.

However, thanks to chameleon-like celebrities in the entertainment and fashion industry, there is a demand for creating higher quality wigs and hairpieces that look extremely realistic and fashion forward. More and more women (and men) expect their hair to look salon ready but still natural – which is where the need for excellent quality, real hair custom wigs come in.

So what exactly has changed in the manufacturing process of real hair wigs?

Let’s start with the base. Materials that are being used nowadays are so sophisticated that they emulate the appearance of a human scalp. Micro-fine, breathable mesh is a popular fabric – as is medical grade silicone which offers those with long term or total hair loss added base security. Lace bases are incredibly comfortable and offer a realistic skin-like appearance. Lace front wigs also provide a supremely-looking natural hairline.

The front of a real hair wig is often an indication of excellent (or even poor!) manufacturing quality. At the hairline, individual hairs should be slightly staggered – or fewer and further between – to emulate a natural hair line. This subtle ‘thinning’ of hair is achieved by hand-knotting individual hairs to the base. If you’re looking for a real hair wig with outstanding quality, look for pieces that feature hand-knotted hair. This technique also allows individual hairs to ‘swivel’ and move like natural hair.

Regarding hair type, 100% processed European human hair is inarguably amongst the best available on the market. This type of hair is ethically sourced; it is authentic, of premium quality and offers the most styling versatility. Reputable global brands like Freedom ‘vacuum’ wigs and Follea real hair wigs offer outstanding craftsmanship. Freedom real hair wigs feature a special silicone base for exact fit and incredible security. Wearers can lead extremely sporting and active lives. Both Freedom and Follea are process leaders in the way they create beautiful, realistic and comfortable hair pieces.