Non-profits and similar other organizations host fundraising campaigns all round the year to collect money to support their cause. However, many a times, these organizations fail to raise appropriate amount of donations required to successfully execute various social and developmental projects. This is because the non-profits only adhere to the conventional ways of fundraising, such as advertising on newspapers and approaching the same people over and again. Organizing online fundraising events will provide you a golden opportunity to reach out to people outside your community by promoting your cause via online social media websites and blogs.

The online event management software helps you create and manage online fundraising events at no additional costs! The software also lets you create web-based registration forms with ease and in no time. Moreover, this online event management software lets you use a highly advanced set of tools to receive payments easily, promote events via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites as well as conduct surveys to improve the performance of your next fundraising website event.

Quick Attendee Registration

The integrated online registration solution lets you easily set up endless number of registration forms. It only takes a few minutes to actually create and publish the forms necessary to let individuals start the process of registering their names for a fundraiser. Non-profit organizations can also customize these forms by adding their business logo and inserting any related images to match the look and feel of your organization’s website.

Payment Management

The PCI-compliant payment solution lets you seamlessly manage real-time processing of transactions through credit cards. It also helps you easily accept donations and pledges sent via echecks, PayPal, and similar other industry-leading payment gateways.

Email Marketing

The in-built emailing tool will help you easily send targeted invitations, reminders, and RSVPs to your potential donors for fundraisers over the internet, thus reducing the use of paper and lowering your expenses.

Social Media Connector

Most of the Cloud-based event management solution comes with a social media connector, an apparatus to instantly connect your PC with the various popular social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, and many more). It lets automatic publication of all fundraising event details on these sites. Hence, social media connectors are highly beneficial for any organization, as it eliminates the re-entry of data, thereby saving much of your valuable time and energy.

In-built Marketing & Promotion Tools

Fundraising organizers can even use the in-built marketing and promotional tools, such as promo codes, special discounts, and gift cards to attract higher number of people toward your event.

Online Donor Surveys

Conducting post-event surveys will help you get valuable opinions of the donors, which can be taken into account to improve your next set of functions. The online surveying tool lets you easily send the customized online survey sheets through email or on the attendees’ mobile phone.