Sports autograph signings are an excellent an interesting way to begin, add to a sports autograph collection. The signings are usually held along with sports collectible shows so a collector or fan can find a collectible and have the athlete sign it as well. Some of the better known sports figures charge a small fee for their signatures but some do not.

Of course, the better known the sports personality, there is a larger potential that the autograph or the signed item will be of more value as the years pass. But if the personality has been involved in a controversy such as cheating, illegal activities, etc their potential value will decrease. The best way to view such items and collections is an investment; and like all investments there is up trends and down trends. In the collectible market, there is also real world forces at work. If there is a large number of signed items the figure’s item worth will be less than if there was a fewer amount on the market.

But most sports fans are not interested in the value of an items worth when they visit Sports autograph signings. The fans just want to meet the figure that they have enjoyed watching their favorite sport and to have their autograph. The thrill of meeting a well known sports figure is the primary draw to sports collectible signings and promoters that organize the shows try to bring sports celebrities that are well known to the area or may have played for a local sports team. Promoters in larger cities especially ones with one or more sports teams, try to organize events to reflect the particular sport season and attract sports personalities for that sport. Sports autograph signings also create a revenue boost for the host city. Visitors spend money on concessions, lodging, parking, and other taxable items during their visit. Sports autograph signings can be a welcome and beneficial events to the host city and of course, to the visitors to the event and to the city if the visitors are from out of town.

Sports fans and collectors enjoy sports autograph signings for the opportunity to meet a sports celebrity and to also trade collectibles with other sports fans. The sale and trade of the collectibles is usually the passion of adult sports fans who try and build an impressive display of their favorite sports figure or team But the younger sports fans enjoy seeing their favorite sports figure in a setting outside the stadium, playing field or the television. Sports autograph signing organizers attempt to make the function as family oriented as possible so all members of a family can enjoy the event and everything that it offers.