In a recent study more than 10 percent of students currently are going uninsured. The general consensus for many students is that health care is a cost that they cannot afford, international student isnurance provided through a college can often mount to over a hundred dollars every month. And yet one of the main causes for students to drop out of college is incurred medical bills and the heavy strain they can put upon your wallet.

As a student it may help to assess the options open to you before making the decision to try to ‘slip through the net’ as health care is something that really shouldn’t be skimped upon.

It is a common misconception that many health insurance plans have to cost the earth and that it is cheaper to go without cover.

One possible option for a student is to remain on their parents or family health care plan, in many cases you may find that even if you are in a different state you still have a minimum partial cover, this often may be no more money than that is being paid on your existing premiums, however make sure to check the small print for state to state coverage.

Another option may merely be to shop around, a recently established National Exchange of insurance provider’s means that insurance companies compete in an open market to give you, the consumer a lower price. Getting in touch with your local government office will give you more information about this, looking online  could also help you out at some sites specialize in discount insurance plans.

Another option is to contact your college about the possible health care plans that they may provide, whilst some of these plans may be expensive they may provide options for people in a lower income bracket or who have financial issues. This is a surprisingly common problem, ask around!

Finally it may help to give some words of caution when using the internet. Like every powerful tool it has its dangers, make sure to beware of giving out personal information online; check a sites online certification-is the company you are giving your information to commonly used and recognised by the online community, bad sites will very quickly be exposed on the aforementioned blog sites and public discussion forums. Also be careful with your own details, usually enquiries will ask for no card details or financial information. Be careful not to give this information out.