Driveways are the most exploited part of the house. Due to the movement of vehicles on them, stains of oil and grease are a common finding on resin bound driveways near me. These marks tend to be very stubborn and refuse to budge. The best way to remove such imperfections is the use of high pressure cleaning techniques. The high powered jets of water, when mixed with removal agents, help in removing stains.

Use stain absorbent materials

Cat litter, saw dust, dry cement and sand are effective absorbing materials. They have to be sprinkled over the stains and left overnight for best results. These materials soak up the stains and help in their easy removal when you use high pressure cleaning the next morning.

Other effective oil absorbent materials are soda powder and bleaching powder. You can scrub these substances off with a rough brush the next morning to get a stain free surface.

Commercial removers

There are a plethora of removal chemicals and solutions available in the market. These chemicals are to be used as per the instructions provider by the manufacturer. Most of these chemicals need to be left over the imperfection for a few hours before washing them off.

Materials that are known to help in removing stains on concrete are carburetor cleaners, oven cleaners and turpentine. These chemicals thin the grease and ease them off the surface. Dish washing soap with lemon extracts is another liquid that can help in getting rid of marks on driveways.

One of the major precautions that you need to take before treating surfaces with a chemical remover is to ensure that the surface of the driveway is completely dry. The area should be swept and all debris should be removed from the surface before driveway cleaning. Begin using the stain remover in small quantities. If you are using chemical stain removers, then wear gloves so that accidental contact with the chemical does not injure your hands.

Mildew, fungal and rust stains

Oil and grease are not the only factors that cause staining on driveways. Fungus and mildew also tend to leave black spots over concrete driveways. These stains are extremely unappealing. In order to get rid of these stains, you need to use oxygenated solutions or oxygenated bleaches. Rust is another factor that causes stains. Driveways tend to rust due to oxidation of iron elements present in the concrete or stone. You can fade rust stains by use of oxalic acid.

Driveway cleaning and stain removal can be a challenging task, especially if the stains are stubborn. The ease with which you can remove oil stains from driveways depends on the age of the stain. Old stains are more deeply ingrained and are difficult to remove. You will need to wash the driveway several times before getting rid of the stain. Fresh stains on the other hand, are easy to remove. You can wash them with detergents to get rid of them. Sparing some time for your driveway and cleaning it regularly will help in keeping it stain free.