When one is thinking of buying to selling property, there are many things to consider before doing either one. There are many useful tips for things to do before you sign on the dotted line.

Whether you are buying or selling a property, the number one tip is to make sure you have either a good, licensed, real estate agent, or in some states a lawyer. This will help to ensure that everything is done in the right order and there will be no legal issues.

Useful Tips When Buying Property:

1) Make sure you qualify for the loan, or other means of financing, that you will need.

2) First decide if this is something you want to keep Best Marana AZ Realtor or will be turning around in a very short amount of time.
If you are buying for quick resale, make sure you can get your investment back in the current market.

3) If you are buying a property with a house on it, check out the other similar property in the neighborhood. Are they maintained well? If not, then this may not be the place for you.

4) Are there many empty homes? If the answer is yes, find out why.

5) Look at what other properties in the area sold for in the last year, is the price comparable to what is being asked for what you are looking at?

6) If it is an empty parcel of land, is it easy to get to?

7) You should always go and look at the property yourself, do not take photos from someone else instead.

8) Do not be pressured into making an offer right away, take time to step back and think.

Useful Tips for Selling Property:

1) Make sure that you are ready to sell, once you have a contract with an agent or lawyer you are usually committed to fixed term contract. If you back out before the end of it, you may have to pay a fee unless you can prove breach of contract.

2) Have your representative make sure that any buyers have been pre-qualified. There is no need to waste time showing a property to someone who cannot afford it.

3) Get a good appraisal, and then do not over price the property.

4) Make sure it is ready to show, or be seen. If it is vacant land get rid of weeds or trash.

5) If it has a building, then make sure it is in good repair.

6) When there is a house or home involved, make sure it is clean and neat. Hiring a professional to ‘stage’ the house can help.

7) If there are any animals on the property either remove them, or have them contained in one area.

8) Having a vanilla, or other neutral scent, candle or air freshener going sets a nice tone for when showing the house. For empty lots, making sure there is no animal waste is must.

These are only a few tips, a professional agent will